Strategic Life Coaching – A New Standard in Human Change & Development

Hi friends and welcome to my website! I’m Graham Nicholls, a Professional Strategic Life Coach and Trainer from the UK – you can find out more about who I am by clicking the ‘About Me’ link at the top of the page!

My website is dedicated to two areas that I work in, firstly there is my work as in Strategic Life Coaching covering areas such as Personal Breakthrough Coaching, Core Identity Coaching, Relationship Breakthrough Coaching and Anxiety & Depression Breakthrough Coaching.

You can find out more about this by clicking the ‘Strategic Coaching’ link at the top of the page.

I also provide training courses in the area of Personal Breakthroughs and the art of Living Life on Your Terms! Click on the links below to find out more about each course (and get them at a specially discounted price of Just £15!)

Brand New Release – May 2018

REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) Certification Course

This has already become an International Best Seller!

International Best Sellers

 EFT / TFT Tapping master Practitioner Certification

Other Top Courses

Strategic Life Coaching Certification Strategic Life Coach Certification

Goal Setting Course    Anxiety Recovery Course

Self-Confidence, Self Confidence

Please keep checking back for more courses as I am recording and updating them all the time. My next course is already underway!

Strategic Life Coaching is absolutely a new standard in human change and development and is a passion that drives my life forwards. Understanding the patterns that run through our lives and creating strategies that assist quick, effective and lasting change truly drives me on a daily basis.

If you’d like to know how Strategic Life Coaching can help you then head over to my Strategic Coaching page. Alternatively, you can head straight to the Contact Me page and fill in the form and I’ll get back to you……. please be assured that I read all messages and I aim to respond within 48 hours.

I hope and look forward to talking with you soon!

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