My Story

Hi, it’s Graham Nicholls here………. that’s me over on the right hand side of the page!

When I was younger I was the last person in the world you would expect would suffer from Anxiety, Depression and Stress. “The most laid back guy in the world” was often used to describe me by family and friends!

The trouble is something did start to get to me and I did start to suffer and I was diagnosed by my doctor as having Anxiety, Depression and Stress……. let me explain!

let me take you back to that day in the year 2000………………….

Here I am stood in the kitchen of my house, my hands are planted on the black marble effect worktop and my head is hanging – I am so tired and so down. I’ve been up since 4am thinking about my life, I feel alone all of the time, and then I was at work from 6am. I’m stood here having only been home for 10 minutes and I can’t help thinking that I’m on a spiral downwards that I can’t get off.

The truth is that I’ve been feeling like this for quite some time now – tired, lethargic, sad, down and unhappy with no motivation or desire to do anything. I go to work and then come home and curl up in a ball on the sofa……….. I sometimes wonder if anyone would notice if I wasn’t around, if anyone would miss me if I was to disappear! But you have to keep going right? That’s what people tell you……. You have to get over it and cheer up right?

If only it were that easy! Is it all really worth it?

It’s an early autumn Sunday afternoon, it’s sunny and warm outside and I can hear some kids playing with their dog barking off in the distance. I can smell the aroma of a barbeque wafting in from outside and yet none of these ordinarily nice things can cheer me up……. I’m not sure anything can cheer me up anymore!

Suddenly I can hear my mum’s voice “Graham, are you ok?”

I spin around to see my Mum and Dad’s faces at the open door, both of them looking at me with concerned expressions. I better do what I always do and put a smile on my face that’s what people expect…..…. “Yep, I’m fine – just tired” I say trying to be convincing!

“Can we come in?” I hear my mum say and although I really just want to be alone I can’t send them away – “Of course, come in, do you want a drink?” As they head in to the living room and disappear out of sight I can’t stop my head from lulling again and I’m looking at the floor. “Just a cold drink for me” my Dad shouts from the living room, “Me too” my Mum follows with.

I reach up and to my right to open the glass cupboard and grab the closest one and as I pull it towards me it slips, I grasp at it several times but can’t catch it and I’m now watching in slow motion as it falls and smashes in to thousands of small pieces on the floor. Suddenly I’m feeling completely defeated and I can’t cope with any of this anymore, I lean back against the side and slip down until I sit on the floor, I put my head in my hands and start to cry………………….

I’m broken!


It’s now Monday morning and I’m sat in a doctor’s office, with it’s plain cream painted walls and sterilised smell……….. “Mr. Nicholls, everything you’ve said tells me that you are very depressed and really anxious. I’m going to give you some tablets to make to help you to feel better”

Now I’m just sat here thinking ‘tablets? depressed? anxiety? what?’ – suddenly I jump as the doctor starts to talk again “Ok Mr. Nicholls, there’s your prescription. If you don’t start to feel better after a month or so come back and see me” and with that I’m ushered out with just a piece of paper to look at…………………… this was the lowest point of my life and the day my life changed.

I never took that prescription to a chemist and I never took any tablets, I simply couldn’t believe that tablets would make a difference and particularly if they might not make me feel better within a ‘month or so’!! Over the next few days and weeks I wondered what depression was exactly and as I researched I found that people who were depressed took a long time to recover………… in a lot of cases it took years………. and some people never recovered. The one question that kept popping up in to my head was “Why does it take so long?” and this question would drive me on a hunt for knowledge.

I read books, listened to audio programs, attended seminars and training courses to gain as much insight as I possibly could. As I did this I found that having the knowledge allowed me to help myself and yet I somehow knew that there was something different, something better, something quicker………… and there was!

I came across a training course by Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Magli Peysha and Mark Peysha4 giants in the coaching, therapy and helping industry. Within this training I found the answers that I had been seeking and when I combined it with all of the other knowledge, information and experience I had gained I knew I had everything I needed to not only help myself but also to help others.


As we come back to the present day not only am I not depressed or anxious – I now help others to recover from these horrible conditions and I help them to do it a lot quicker and more effectively than most people think possible.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fear and other associated conditions do not take many months or even years to recover from……….. in fact, in most cases, the changes start to happen quickly and my clients start to see the improvements right from the start.

Passing on my knowledge and experience so that my clients can use it to recover and improve their lives is now my life passion and my driving force. If I’d have known, back in 2000, what I know now I wouldn’t have had to suffer and the good news is that you don’t have to either because I can pass on everything I know and show you how to use it so that you can recover and live a happier life every day.

Book your no-cost 30 minute consultation with me now and I can start passing on that info and knowledge to you so that you can start feeling better straight away! Click the button below to book now!


I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to us making a difference in your life.