Discovering our own truth

Discovering our own truth with NLP

The human brain is an amazing thing, we all know that don’t we? Its power to take in information and decipher it, to create language, meanings, values and beliefs is absolutely phenomenal.  Yet, in so many ways, it tricks and deceives us into believing things that are not true, creating scenarios for the future that hold us back despite the fact that they may never happen and all of this in the name of fear and protection.

Our brain is thousands of years old and still works on the same basics from that period, long forgotten. It sees predators an danger everywhere and, if left unchecked, will stop us from living the life we want so that it can keep us safe…. a contradiction in terms maybe!

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner

So we, as responsible human beings, have an obligation to ourselves to discover the truth behind the realms of fear and protection, to uncover what is holding us back and then move past it. If we want to live a life on our terms, we have to find the truth rather than blindly accepting what our mind would have us believe.

“You will never find yourself until you face the truth” – Pearl Bailey.

This is where NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) finds its voice in this world, questioning everything for the truth with a particular focus on uncovering what holds us back. NLP, at its base level, gives us exceptional tools for modelling the way we work, uncovering how we communicate to ourselves and others and how that stops us living our lives.

Whether you want to help yourself discover the truth buried deep down inside so that you can create a positive change or you want to help others uncover their truths and be the conduit of their change, the modelling process of NLP is the first port of call. As we open up the door on the language we use we discover the dischord and disunity that occurs between our conscious and unconscious, where the unconscious has the need to protect.

When we open up the language we use and bring it forth into our consciousness then, and only then, can we create change. Then, and only then, can we create a life on our terms. Consider everything you say, or that your clients say, as being Generalised, Distorted or having some information Deleted and then consider how to investigate that language to find the truth.

When something is Generalised we need to find the specifics, when it is Distorted we need to clarify it and when it is Deleted we need to rediscover it. When we do this, through questioning, we find the truth and create change.

“NLP is an attitude and a methodology, not the trail of techniques left behind it” – Richard Bandler (Co-Creator of NLP)

As a Strategic Coach and Helping Practitioner, I use NLP every day to aid my clients in uncovering their truths. I see, hear and feel the changes that happen within them as they discover what has been holding them back and then breakthrough towards a life they want. The models, patterns, techniques and methodology that NLP provides gives me a form of leverage to help a client that I could never have without it.

Do you want to discover the power NLP holds for finding your truth or helping you uncover your clients’ truth? Do you want to be the conduit of change for yourself and/or your clients? Then it is time that NLP became part of your life!

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification Course

In my brand new course, I have combined the NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner training into one HUGE Certification course (something I don’t think has been done online before).

This course takes you from the beginner level of NLP right through to a Professional and Expert level and you can get it now for ONLY £9.99 (yes you read that right!). You’ll get lifetime access to over 18 hours of video content, a fully downloadable audio version of the course plus loads of workbooks and downloadable resources for JUST £9.99!

Click the picture below to head to the course details to find out more and sign up!

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner

I hope to see you inside the course so that you can start using NLP to help yourself and others create a life on your terms.

My Best Regards


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Depression: Breaking the Myth of Mental Health

Depression: Breaking the Myth of Mental Health

Hi and welcome to my latest post!

Today, I will warn you up front…. I may upset some people! I’m not intending to do this and yet many people have held on to a belief, a label that no longer serves them and they have held on to it for far too long.

For far too long people who suffer from conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress, OCD and many other related conditions have been told that they have a ‘mental health condition’ or a ‘mental health issue’ and it’s simply not true.

Have I lost you yet? I hope not because it’s time to shed some light on what is really going on. These conditions are categorised as mental health as for decades, no centuries, the medical and therapeutic professions have attached themselves to the belief that these conditions only occur in the mind. This is simply not true! It was proved scientifically in the 1970’s that there is a direct link between mind and body and any emotions we experience in our mind changes the biochemistry of every cell in our body.

Here’s the kicker, it works the other way as well! That’s right, when we change what we do physically we also change how we feel in our mind. This leads to one undeniable conclusion – these conditions are NOT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

“It took me years to discover that it doesn’t take years to recover!”

If anything they are emotional issues, and emotional issues can be dealt with! The problem with calling them mental health issues is that nobody really knows what to do with ‘mental health’….. but we do know what to do with emotions!

I’ve created my purpose!

My purpose in life is to bring about reform in the Helping Industry with regards to these conditions. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress etc can be resolved through education; education about the conditions, education about how to resolve and recover from these conditions and education about personal responsibility for these conditions.

With these conditions affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide and costing the UK National Health Service several billions of pounds each year (and who knows what it costs worldwide) I have one simple question:

Why are we not teaching people about this in schools?

My range of courses

I’m creating a range of courses that all contain information on emotional and behavioural change and offering them at prices that are available to almost anyone. I find it insulting that the information that can help people to help themselves and/or others is only available to those that can afford it! Why should this information only be available to people who can afford thousands of pounds, dollars, euros etc?

It should be available to everyone!

My purpose, my commitment, is to bring about this reform in the helping industry and help as many people as I can along the way – can you help me, please?

My latest course has just been approved and released on Udemy and it’s on this very subject…..

Depression: how to recover naturally & without medication

Click the picture below to find out more!

Depression how to recover naturally

How can you help? I hear you ask!

I’ve created a coupon so that anyone can get this course for only £9.99 and I’d like to ask if you would share it with anyone you know that is suffering from this horrible condition we call depression! Copy the link below and send it to whoever you think will benefit from it and help make a difference in their lives.

I’ve suffered from depression and I know the depths to which it can take you, now it’s my turn to help others recover in the same way I have.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your help!

My Best Regards


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The Life Goal that Binds Us

Hi and welcome along to my latest post,

Everyone seems to be chasing something these days, whether it be fame and fortune, the perfect career, the ideal family or finding a way to sit on their backsides and do nothing. My question is this…. are they all just distractions from a life goal that is ultimately unachievable?

Many will have us believe

Many experts and so-called ‘gurus’ would have us believe that our ultimate goal in life is to become who we were born to be, to become the ultimate version of ourselves. They would have us believe that we can only consider ourselves successful when we have achieved that goal, when we have reached the peak of our own experience.

Yet, of course, the world around is built to distract us from that with media, social media, advertising and marketing designed to make us believe in instant gratification. The “I must get what I want, how I want it and when I want it” belief is so prevalent in our society today (ask any teenager!) that society in itself seems to have moved away from working towards being it’s best self.

It’s the end goal that stops us

The reason people are so easily distracted is that ‘end goal’ of being the best version of ourselves simply isn’t attainable and should never be put forward as such. We, as human beings, are constantly evolving and constantly growing into something new and that journey into the new and unknown is the joy of life.

In his book, On Becoming a Person, Carl Rogers states that “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination” and this spells it out perfectly. There is no end goal, life is a journey of discovery and that discovery should be a new and improved version of ourselves every day.

“Life’s a journey, not a destination”

“How high can you fly with broken wings – Life’s a journey, not a destination, I don’t know just what tomorrow brings”from the Aerosmith song Amazing.

When we realise that there is no ultimate destination in life, that all we are designed to be is a better version of ourselves each day then we give ourselves wings and allow ourselves to soar to amazing heights. Yet, when we look for that ultimate goal that is ultimately unachievable, we break our wings and confine ourselves to looking for distractions and instant gratification to make ourselves feel better – in the short term at least!

So I encourage you

So I encourage you, right here and right now to stop searching for that ultimate goal. Stop looking for that ultimate version of you as that version is here today, you are exactly where you are meant to be in life! Work today at being a better version, a new ultimate version of you tomorrow for that is the only person you should ever compare yourself to – the you of yesterday.

What if your ultimate goal in life was simply to be a better version of yourself each day, to grow a little each day and to enjoy the process of development? That, right there, is an achievable goal and something we can all attain.

Be the best version of you today and grow into the best version fo you tomorrow!

Just so that you are aware, my brand new course – REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) Practitioner Certification – is now available. Click on the link below to get more details and to get it at a specially reduced price!

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Well this is exciting! Self-Confidence

Hi there and welcome to my latest post!

Today I have some great news, one of my online courses has been selected in an independent review as one of the top 20 in its respective area. To say I’m chuffed is somewhat of an understatement. While the main aim of all of my courses is to help others it is always nice to know that someone has recognised your work.

The course in question is my 100% Unwavering Self-Confidence course and to celebrate I’ve reduced its price for a short period to under £10 (£9.99 to be exact) which is as low as I can make it! If you are interested simply click the picture below and it will take you straight there with the discount already applied.

Self-Confidence, Self Confidence

I have to say a HUGE thank you to the team at Online Courses Review for taking the time to go through and review my course and add it to their list of top courses. If you want to see the full list you can view it on their website which you can reach by Clicking Here!

With an average review rating of 5 out of 5 on the Udemy site my Self-Confidence course is helping plenty of people, here’s a recent review:

Such an amazing course, I’m am so grateful it was created. Brilliant!!! It truly is my choice to be confident and it’s not something people are born with, which I previously believed. Confidence is mine to choose in every moment and I have the tools, my notes and practice to help me. I feel as though I’m finally stepping into my life!!! With love and gratitude, I thank you so very much!!!Kimberly W

In case you missed it….

Just in case you missed the latest news, my BRAND NEW course has just been released.

“REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) Practitioner Certification” is a fully comprehensive Practitioner level course that will lead you into the fascinating world of REBT and show you just how powerful its framework is for helping people to live better lives! Click on the picture below to get it now for the Special Introductory Launch price of just £9.99!

REBT Practitioner Certification

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I’m truly grateful.

My Best Regards


Graham Nicholls - Strategic Coaching & Training

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What is REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy)?

What is REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy)?

Hi and welcome to my latest blog post, thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey into REBT.

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, is known as one of the fathers of modern CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and it’s creator, Albert Ellis, is known as the Grandfather of Cognitive Therapy.

He developed the framework back in the 1950’s and originally called it RT, or Rational therapy, and over time he changed its name first to RET and then in the 1980’s to REBT. Ellis was a philosopher at heart and studied many of the great Greek philosophers in order to gain an understanding of their teachings and he brought much of this into his work on REBT.

REBT is focussed on living a rational life while discovering and breaking down the irrational beliefs that hold us back and keep us trapped. The easy to use ABC model gives an outstanding framework for change and helping others and yourself.

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology or the president. You realise that you control your own destiny” – Albert Ellis

What separates REBT from CBT?

While much of REBT was integrated into CBT there are some distinct differences (which I discuss in my new REBT Practitioner Certification Course – more on that below!). Here are 4 of the key differences which set REBT apart from CBT:

  1. It works from a philosophical basis of emotional disturbance as well as the clients’ cognitive distortions (which is the focus of CBT) which many claim makes it more powerful.
  2. It places an emphasis on secondary disturbances – where we disturb ourselves about our issues – which is something that CBT largely ignores.
  3. It presents Unconditional Self Acceptance as a resolution to low self-esteem instead of just focussing on reinforcing positive qualities which is the CBT approach.
  4. It is unique among CBT approaches in the fact that it recognises Helpful Negative Emotions alongside Unhealthy Negative Emotions. Other CBT approaches focus on Unhealthy Negative Emotions only.

Is REBT a stand-alone therapy?

The simple answer to that is a resounding YES! Ellis developed it into a powerful process and framework for helping his clients to break free of the limiting, irrational and rigid beliefs that held them back. He was rated within the top three most influential psychologists (the other two were Carl Rogers and Sigmund Freud!) and was instrumental in the move away from the psychoanalytical format of psychology.

“Rational Beliefs bring us closer to getting good results in the real world” – Albert Ellis

A Brand New Practitioner Certification Course

You can now dive deep into the framework and process of REBT in my brand new “REBT Practitioner Certification Course-Beginner to Professional” on the Udemy platform. Click the picture below to get more information and sign-up now for the amazing launch price of just £9.99

REBT Practitioner Certification

or click the link below:

Discover just how powerful the REBT framework is and how to use it at its most effective to help yourself and others break down those irrational, limiting beliefs that hold you and them back!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I’m truly grateful and I hope that you’ll join me in the course!

My Best Regards


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The Snooze Button or The Launch Button

What is your routine in the morning? Does the alarm wake you or do you wake by yourself? If you wake by the alarm do you hit the snooze button or is it the launch button for the day?

Over time the Snooze button on our wake up alarm has become a bit of a phenomenon, it has become culturally acceptable to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep for 10 – 15 minutes. Yet, science shows us that when we go back to sleep for just 10 minutes we actually start a ‘sleep-cycle’ in our bodies that can last between 90 minutes to 4 hours! So you could be holding back how effective you are in the day for up to 4 HOURS!!

A different approach…

Many years ago I had this approach, the ‘hit-the-snooze-button’ way of life, in fact at one point in my life I would actually set my alarm 30 minutes early just so I could hit the snooze button a couple of times and still get up on time! No wonder I was so tired all the time!

Now though, I have a different approach! I use the alarm switch-off button as a LAUNCH button, I hit it and am launched into the day! To be honest, most days I’m awake and ready to go long before the alarm goes off, however, on those days when my body needs to sleep until the alarm goes off I adopt the launch approach.

The moment I hit that button to switch the alarm off I get up, my aim is to have my feet on the floor within in 10 seconds of switching the alarm off (you have to give yourself time to stretch sometimes!)

The snooze metaphor….

The problem I have with the snooze button is it seems to me to become a metaphor for your life, you can start to hit the ‘snooze’ button on anything. Whether they be new opportunities, challenges, taking action towards goals, making important decisions, whatever it may be you can find yourself hitting snoooooooooze and missing out!

So my question is simple, do you snooze or launch?

Whether it be first thing in the morning when you wake up or whether it be in your life, do you hit the snooze button or the launch button? It’s a choice you can make right now and I encourage you to hit the LAUNCH button at every given opportunity particularly the opportunity of waking up and getting up to take on the world!

Here’s to hitting that launch button!

Speaking of launching ….. I have just launched my latest course and it is a follow-up to the International Best Selling ‘EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner Certification’ course.

Introducing the ‘EFT / TFT Master Practitioner Certification’ course!

This course is the next step in developing the EFT and TFT Tapping skills while combining it with other knowledge and skills to make you the best helping practitioner you can be.

So why not dive in and expand your knowledge, simply click the picture below to head to the course main page and find out more!

EFT / TFT Tapping master Practitioner Certification

Oh, and by the way, this course has been so popular that it has already become an International Best Seller in its own right!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I’m truly grateful.

My Best Regards


Graham Nicholls - Strategic Coaching & Training

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The loss of the individual

“Each and every one of us is an individual and should be treated and respected as such”

Graham Nicholls

Have you ever been treated like you were part of a herd? Is it your experience that we are grouped together like a flock of sheep in a pen? Do you ever want to break free, stand up and shout “NO, I’m me not anyone else…… I’m an individual!”?

 This may come through as a bit of a rant and I’m not going to apologise for that!

When I am having a conversation with someone I ensure that I am completely present with that person, listening to what it is they have to say and understanding their viewpoint. Whether it be a chat with my wife, a having a coffee with a friend or working with a client, I want to make sure that they know that they are an individual and that what they are saying is important to me.

Far too often in life these days, it seems like we are being herded into groups and our individuality is being taken away. Whether it be advertisers clumping us together or doctors, counseller and therapists labelling us with terms such as depressed, anxious, stressed or angry (and the list could go on).

“To be yourself in a world that is trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The truth is that we each have our own personality, every single one of us has had differing experiences since the moment of birth and we all have a unique perspective on every situation due to those experiences. We build up references of meaning in our minds that give us our personality and uniqueness that should never be forgotten or washed away for the sake of a label.

Our personality and uniqueness of individuality should be celebrated and, as human beings, we should seek out that which makes us different. We each have, within us, a core individual identity that defines who we were meant to be and yet so many fight against this identity to simply allow ourselves to ‘fit in’ with everyone else. What if………. what if the way to ‘fit in’ was to be ourselves, to live to our true core individuality? What if we could rid ourselves of the labels placed upon us and free our minds to experience our true selves?

Wouldn’t that be truly, individually amazing?

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life” – Marcus Garvey.

Just for a few moments today, as you read this post, stop and consider who you are, what your life experiences and learnings have created and what your core individuality can help you to become.

Who are you?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post (and for putting up with the rant!), I’m truly grateful.

If you are interested in finding your true identity or helping others to find theirs then why not sign up for my course and discover your individuality?

Strategic Life Coach Certification

With gratitude,


Graham Nicholls - Strategic Coaching & Training

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Got v Get – The Quality of Your Life

How do you feel about the things that you have ‘got’ to do in life? What about the things that you have ‘got’ to do every day? Have you got to…….

  • Go to work
  • Do the housework
  • Pay the bills
  • Take the rubbish out

When we focus on the things that we have got to do in life in can very often bring us down and even make us feel trapped in day to day rat race of life. If there is one thing that life has taught us about focus it’s this…

“Where focus goes, energy flows” – Tony Robbins

So the next time you are focussing on the things you have ‘got’ to do in life and those things start to bring you down or make you feel trapped, let me offer a slight change – a change of just one letter in fact.

Remove the ‘o’ and replace with an ‘e’!


Before we carry on I just wanted to share with you a recent video blog I recorded about fear!

That’s right – when you replace the ‘o’ with an ‘e’ you can now focus on what you ‘get’ to do!

What are the things you get to do in life? The fun things, the things that you enjoy and that you want to do more of? Let me give you some examples from my life of the things I ‘get’ to do:

  • I get to spend time with my wife, the most important person in life to me!
  • I get to pick up my daughter from school, there’s just something about her smile as she comes around the corner and sees me sat there!
  • I get to record video-based training programs and have them sold in 97 countries around the world (at last count).
  • I get to know that those video programs are helping people change their lives and the lives of others.
  • I get to coach people and watch them have breakthroughs and then see them move forward into a new life.
  • I get to take my dog (Charlie) for a walk, my peace and solace time when I can think about anything – when he is behaving himself of course!

What do you ‘get‘ to do in your life? How does focusing on the things you get to do rather than the things you have got to do change how you feel?

Life should be about the things we ‘get’ to do, shouldn’t it? What do you get to do today?

If you are interested in learning more about either helping yourself or helping others then why not check out my two courses on Strategic Life Coaching…..

Just click the picture to find out more!

Strategic Life Coaching Certification  Strategic Life Coach Certification

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

My Best Wishes,


P.S. – What are you going to get to do today?

Graham Nicholls - Strategic Coaching & Training

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Is there scientific proof that EFT works?

Have you ever considered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping as a complementary therapy? Have you ever considered whether EFT could help you to feel better? Have you ever considered adding EFT to your toolbox as a Coach or Practitioner?

Have you ever wondered if there is scientific proof that EFT works?

At this point, I could sit here and tell you that there is absolute scientific proof that EFT is effective. I could add link after link to websites with reports of how effective EFT is and the scientific proof behind it.

The truth of it, however, is that for every report I could show you saying that EFT works I could show you another that claims that it doesn’t. I can only tell you it works from my own personal experience!

EFT was built from a practice known as TFT – or Thought Field Therapy – which was developed by Dr Roger Callahan in the 1980’s and it was with TFT that my journey in Tapping first started. Dr Callahan built his work on TFT from what was known at the time about Acupuncture and what was known about the Meridian energy system that runs through the human body. His work was then derived into EFT in the 1990’s which led to a massive uplift in the use of tapping.

“Believe me, I have seen miracles using Dr Callahan’s techniques. Isn’t it time we stopped settling for anything less than miracles?” – Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.

As every year goes by the medical profession finds more and more uses for acupuncture to the point now where the National Health Service here in the UK offers it to those in chronic pain. So the question arises…….. if acupuncture is now recognised by health authorities as an effective treatment, will these disciplines get to the same point in the future? Well, in 2016 TFT was recognised by the US Department of Health!

Personal Experience……………

I have personal experience of using both TFT and EFT to help my wife, in fact, that is why I found these disciplines in the first place. My wife has a spinal injury due to a car accident nearly 25 years ago and lives with pain every day, I wanted to find some complementary therapies that would help her. TFT and after that EFT certainly did that.

I’ve now added both of these therapies to my toolbox as a Coach and Helping Professional and as I have studied more versions of EFT and learned more about them I have found them more and more useful and effective.

I have now turned this knowledge into a video-based course so that you too can get the benefit from both therapies, whether you want to use it to help yourself or help others. It is my belief that, as I write this, there is no other video-based course out there on the internet that covers both disciplines at the same time.

“EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement” – Dr Candace Pert, PhD – creator of the scientific proof of the mind-body connection.

Click on the picture below to find out more about my course – “EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner Certification” and sign up when you are ready to learn more about this fascinating subject.

EFT / TFT Practitioner Certification

Here are some of the reviews that are already coming in for this course on the Udemy system:

EFT PractitionerEFT CertificationEFT Tapping

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Best Regards


Graham Nicholls - Strategic Coaching & Training

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Variety: The Spice or Fright of Life

There seems to be three type of people in the world; those who hate change, those who don’t like change but cope with it and, of course, those who thrive on change – which are you?

The old saying goes that variety is the spice of life and yet for those that hate change, variety means uncertainty, and therefore it becomes the fright of life. The truth is that we are changing right from the moment we are born; changing size, shape and appearance all while developing and varying our thoughts, beliefs and values.

In a famous Tony Robbins speech, he tells his audience that “the quality of your life is directly related to how much uncertainty you can comfortably handle.” With this one statement, he sets the seeds of the need for change within our lives.

It is, in fact, a truth of nature that we need variety, uncertainty and even surprises in our lives as our nervous system requires a range of different emotions to thrive. We all like surprises, don’t we? Well actually no, we like the pleasant surprises, and some people don’t even want them.

“Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change” – Jim Rohn.

There are people in this world so opposed and scared to change that even the pleasant surprises at birthday’s and Christmas are of no interest to them.

The truth to change though is that it is a choice we have within our lives and we always make the best decision we can at the time. However, if we want to improve our lives, we have to take a conscious responsibility to accept and even encourage change both inside and outside ourselves.

Before change happens on the outside, we must first make a difference on the inside through self-discovery, widening our perspectives and expanding experiences of the world. By doing this, we create a broader world for us to live in and enjoy.

Question – how can you broaden your world?

When you want to discover how the emotional need for variety (uncertainty, change) effects your life, along with the other key emotional needs and behaviours, then sign up for my video-based course “Strategic Life Coach Certification – Inner Core / Highest Intent”

Within this course, I cover the basic human emotional needs and behaviours and why they are the reason we, as human beings, do what we do.

Click the picture below to get more info and sign up when you are ready to take your learning to the next level.

Strategic Life Coach Certification

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I’m truly grateful.

Best Regards


Graham Nicholls - Strategic Coaching & Training

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