Depression: Breaking the Myth of Mental Health

Depression: Breaking the Myth of Mental Health

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Today, I will warn you up front…. I may upset some people! I’m not intending to do this and yet many people have held on to a belief, a label that no longer serves them and they have held on to it for far too long.

For far too long people who suffer from conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress, OCD and many other related conditions have been told that they have a ‘mental health condition’ or a ‘mental health issue’ and it’s simply not true.

Have I lost you yet? I hope not because it’s time to shed some light on what is really going on. These conditions are categorised as mental health as for decades, no centuries, the medical and therapeutic professions have attached themselves to the belief that these conditions only occur in the mind. This is simply not true! It was proved scientifically in the 1970’s that there is a direct link between mind and body and any emotions we experience in our mind changes the biochemistry of every cell in our body.

Here’s the kicker, it works the other way as well! That’s right, when we change what we do physically we also change how we feel in our mind. This leads to one undeniable conclusion – these conditions are NOT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

“It took me years to discover that it doesn’t take years to recover!”

If anything they are emotional issues, and emotional issues can be dealt with! The problem with calling them mental health issues is that nobody really knows what to do with ‘mental health’….. but we do know what to do with emotions!

I’ve created my purpose!

My purpose in life is to bring about reform in the Helping Industry with regards to these conditions. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress etc can be resolved through education; education about the conditions, education about how to resolve and recover from these conditions and education about personal responsibility for these conditions.

With these conditions affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide and costing the UK National Health Service several billions of pounds each year (and who knows what it costs worldwide) I have one simple question:

Why are we not teaching people about this in schools?

My range of courses

I’m creating a range of courses that all contain information on emotional and behavioural change and offering them at prices that are available to almost anyone. I find it insulting that the information that can help people to help themselves and/or others is only available to those that can afford it! Why should this information only be available to people who can afford thousands of pounds, dollars, euros etc?

It should be available to everyone!

My purpose, my commitment, is to bring about this reform in the helping industry and help as many people as I can along the way – can you help me, please?

My latest course has just been approved and released on Udemy and it’s on this very subject…..

Depression: how to recover naturally & without medication

Click the picture below to find out more!

Depression how to recover naturally

How can you help? I hear you ask!

I’ve created a coupon so that anyone can get this course for only £9.99 and I’d like to ask if you would share it with anyone you know that is suffering from this horrible condition we call depression! Copy the link below and send it to whoever you think will benefit from it and help make a difference in their lives.

I’ve suffered from depression and I know the depths to which it can take you, now it’s my turn to help others recover in the same way I have.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your help!

My Best Regards


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Graham Nicholls is a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns who helps his clients to make their lives better.
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