Anxiety: what is it’s positive intent?

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It’s a big statement to make that all human emotional behaviours have a positive intent………… I hear people questioning it whenever I mention it – how can anxiety have a positive intent? Or depression? What about fear? Or anger? How can any of these (and you could probably name a few more) have a positive intent?

So maybe I should correct the statement to………….

“All human emotional behaviours once had a positive intent”

It sounds better like that………. and a lot easier to explain! The truth is that conditions such as anxiety are based on unconsciously learned emotional behaviours – at some point in the past the reaction that happens to create anxiety has served you in some way…….. possibly even protected you from something! However, that pattern has stayed with you unconsciously and now fires at any time even though what happened in the past is probably not happening now.


Here’s the good news………….

The good news is that you don’t have to revisit the past or even know what happened to first create this behaviour to be able to break it. As I said earlier, conditions such as anxiety are unconsciously learned patterns and patterns can be broken so that the reaction never happens again. Many therapists and counsellors will tell you that you need to find the initial trigger point and keep going over it time after time but please DO NOT do this! Going over it time after time just embeds it further in to your system.

That which you resist persists…………..

A truth of nature is that when you fight against something it will fight back and this is the same with anxiety, depression and stress. Think about it, how long have you been ‘fighting’ anxiety (insert your own combative term to replace fighting)? When you fight something it fights back and stays with you, the only way to remove it is to accept it for what it is, be grateful for what it gave you at the time and then break the patterns that hold you back now!


But how do I break the patterns Graham?

If you’ve read my previous blog posts you’ll have picked up that the patterns that create those scary anxious feelings are based in your body, mind and nervous system. When you create a break in just one of those you can significantly reduce anxiety and when you break the patterns in the 3 separate areas you remove the pattern entirely – that’s right, no more anxiety!

That’s where The Priority Method comes in………..

The Priority Method is a set of easy to learn and simple to use tools that help you to break those patterns quickly and effectively – probably quicker than you can imagine right now! The Priority Method Coaching program is GUARANTEED to help you remove anxiety from your life…… and if at any time you are unhappy you can get a full refund – I can’t be more open and fair than that!


I’ll even start for free……………..

Yep, you heard that right – I’m offering you a no-cost 30 minute telephone (or Skype) consultation so that you can get to know me and what I’m about and I can get to know you and come up with a plan of how help you remove anxiety! If you’re happy to move forwards at the end of this session we can discuss how that works – and if you’re not happy to move forwards then we will part with best wishes.

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How much longer will you let those scary anxious feelings affect you, your life, your family and your friends?

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I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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