Anxiety: It’s time to get out of your head

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“Your head will always lie to you, while your heart will always tell you the truth” – Anthony Robbins


It’s 2000 years old and still in survival mode……………

The human brain is effectively an operating system that is two thousand years old and, as such, is still in survival mode! That’s why we have a fight, flight or freeze response that is so prevalent and well trained. The problem is that over the last 2000 years the human brain has had to deal with all manner of scary things to deal with……….. many of which would have killed us if we hadn’t learned to deal with them.


But times have changed…………….

These days though we don’t have all manner of wild animals hunting us down every minute of the day and yet our brain still works in the same way. Sometimes though it over reacts and fires off your fears when there is absolutely no threat whatsoever……………. This is your brain telling you lies! This is also how anxiety is born, and how it grows in to its own monster.


Your heart always tells you the truth……..

A few years ago scientists discovered that we are able to think through our hearts as well as our brains and by bringing the two in to alignment we are able to think clearer and not get confused and fearful because of what the brain is telling us. What they discovered was that if you monitor the electronic output of the brain via an ECG and the heart via an EEG they can be aligned but when you are in a state of fear – or anxiety – they are completely mis-aligned.


Will you let me help you?

I’d love to help you learn how to align your heart and brain so that you can always bring yourself out of those horrible feelings of anxiety. I will show you exactly how to do that if you book a free 30 minute consultation / coaching session with me. Click the link below now to book your free appointment and we will start to work through your anxiety and we’ll start creating a plan to help you feel better every day. Click on the link below now to book your free appointment.


The added bonus………….

The added bonus to aligning your heart and brain waves and ‘thinking’ from your heart is that it will help you answer any questions or problems you are stuck on. Your brain gets in the way with all its thoughts and filters but you heart will tell you the truth and help you resolve those sticky issues.


One more key thing……………….

Aligning your heart and brain takes just 2-3 minutes…………. Imagine being able to drastically reduce your anxious feelings within two to three minutes! I will show you how to do that within your free 30 minute appointment so that you can start using it straight away! Click the link below now to book your free appointment now!

 Thank you for taking the time to read my post and please feel free to read through the other posts as there is loads of fantastic information that I have shared to help you.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.




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