Anxiety, it’s ok to feel like giving up!

It’s ok to feel………………….

Whether you have been suffering from anxiety for a week, a month, a year or for longer than you can remember I know that it can be completely controlling and even debilitating. You feel like just giving up and that’s ok, I felt the exact same way at times. When my mind was running around like a headless chicken, the clouds were closing in so I couldn’t think straight, my heart was fluttering and stuttering and I would think the worst outcome in any situation ….. I just wanted to give up.


The night is darkest just before ……………….

It’s an old saying that the night is darkest just before dawn and it’s very true! It is also true in life that when you are at your darkest moments you can be on the edge of a breakthrough in to the light. The key is that when you are at the place of feeling like giving up you keep going. By keeping going you give you mind and nervous system a clear indication that although you feel like giving up you never will.


And the light will come……………

Just like the new day dawning and the light returning so will a different mood, so will a better feeling. Your nervous system actually can’t stay in one mood or in one emotion all of the time, it needs variety to survive so I promise you that the light will come.


It’s time to give up on giving up…………………

Of course, the one truth that I can tell you with absolute certainty is that the way to stop feeling like you want to give up is to help yourself and get rid of those anxious feelings forever. The Priority Method is the only way I know that you can do that guaranteed. The home study program that is easy to learn and simpler to use is the answer you have been looking for and it works………. Simply put it works.


Today is the day……………….

Today is the day to give up on giving up, it is the day to say enough…… I’m fed up of feeling like this and I’m going to change this forever! When you make a true decision to change how you are feeling you are already half way to achieving it and The Priority Method will help you the other half of the way!


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When is NOW a good time to start! (read that again carefully)

I’ll see you there


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Graham Nicholls is a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns who helps his clients to make their lives better.
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