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Why are you talking about toothbrushes……………..

Does your life seem to go around in circles? Do you always seem to be following the same cycle perhaps? Or maybe the same patterns just keep getting repeated over and over again? What language do you use to describe anxiety when it rears its ugly head? The truth is that whatever language you use to describe it………… you are absolutely right!!

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There’s a reason…………..

There is a reason that anxiety is called a ‘condition’ and that reason is because that’s exactly what has occurred………….. anxiety – the physical symptoms along with the thoughts running around inside – has been conditioned in to your body, nervous system and mind! So when you start to feel those anxious feelings creeping up……… or maybe they dive on you like an excited puppy ………….. it is that conditioning kicking in and repeating the same pattern over and over again.


But why toothbrushes Graham?

Which hand do you clean your teeth with? Personally I’m right handed so I use my toothbrush in my right hand! Have you ever tried swapping hands and cleaning them with the other hand? Try it………….. you don’t need you toothbrush just pretend right now that you are cleaning your teeth but with the opposite hand to normal…………. Go on, I’ll wait!

It feels a bit weird doesn’t it? Completely unnatural……….. because you’ve never done it before and your hand is not used to that action. This is what breaking the patterns of anxiety is like……. It is completely unnatural to start with because it goes against the conditioning that is currently within you.


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It changes really quickly…………

If you carry on brushing your teeth with the other hand you will find that you get ‘used’ to it very quickly and you’ll be able to use that hand without thinking. This, again, is exactly the same to breaking the patterns of anxiety……….. very quickly your nervous system gets used to the new patterns and starts replacing the older ones.


What if I already clean my teeth with both hands?

The reason I decided to write this today was due to a client I had recently who said that they already cleaned their teeth with both hands so the analogy didn’t work for them! I asked them which hand they wiped their backside with? – that broke their pattern and made them smile!


It doesn’t matter……………

Which hand you currently brush your teeth with is not important, the analogy is there to make a point that the patterns………… the conditioning…… that is currently within you can be replaced with other patterns quickly through finding new, positive patterns and repeating them until they become conditioned.


It’s time to find out more…………

Within your 30 minute free consultation we will start to discover the current patterns and conditioning that is causing you to feel anxious and I’ll give you a strategy to use to start breaking them down. Book your free consultation now by clicking the button below and selecting a time suitable to you.



Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.


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Graham Nicholls is a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns who helps his clients to make their lives better.
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