Do you have an Anxiety Recovery Plan?

Do you have an Anxiety Recovery Plan?

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 Do you have a plan?

Today I wanted to talk to you about your Anxiety Recovery Plan and how important it is to have one if you truly want to recover. Have you ever heard of an Anxiety Recovery Plan? Has your doctor ever mentioned it? What about your Therapist, have they mentioned an Anxiety Recovery Plan?

Here’s my bet…………..

My bet is that none of those have ever mentioned having an Anxiety Recovery Plan to you and do you know why I am so certain? It’s because they probably don’t have a recovery plan for you….. imagine that, having a doctor and therapist who don’t have a plan for how to help you recover!! There’s a good chance that their end goal for you is to help you ‘cope’ with anxiety better for the rest of your life…………. Is that all you want to do, cope?

Having a plan is key……………

Like anything else in life the key to succeeding is to have a full plan of where you want to get to so that you can follow the specific steps and monitor your progress along the way. Would you know where to start when creating an Anxiety Recovery Plan? No? Well then I have some great news ………………. I’ve already done that work for you (and I’ll help you with it at no-cost to you)!!

You can imagine the benefits of having a full plan laid out for you, written down for you, so that you can follow it to the letter knowing that when you do you will quickly move closer to full recovery and achieve it sooner than you think……….. how would that feel?

The trouble with not having a plan is that you don’t know the steps to take to fully recover and your doctor / therapist are never going to give you that plan. Having a fully trialled, proven and guaranteed plan that you can follow every day gives you the confidence to succeed and means you don’t have to think about it……….. you just follow the plan and get on with it!


Now here’s the kicker………….

Having a coach to guide you along the way, support you and be your biggest advocate, show you the right direction, tune you in to the right frequency and let you feel the certainty of progression means that your speed of recovery increases significantly. Have you ever had someone to help and guide you, to support you without judgement, to challenge you when you need it and to cheer for you when you succeed? Have you ever had someone who has been through what you are going through and knows how scary it feels, someone who knows how to recover and wants that for you 100%?

Have you ever………………

Have you ever had someone like I’ve described above who also has the tools and strategies to use with you to guarantee your recovery? How would it feel to have someone like that on your side?


If you do nothing else today……………

If you do nothing else today I encourage you to book a no-cost 30 minute telephone / skype consultation with me so you can understand how, together, we can ensure you feel better every day. There’s no need to sign up to anything at the end if you choose not to, it’s just a conversation designed to start you on the right path.

We’ll create a plan right there and then………..

While we are on the call we will create an Anxiety Recovery Plan for you right there and then so that you leave that call knowing how to move forwards with your life and start on the journey to a life free of freedom from anxiety.

 Click the link now to book your no-cost 30 minute consultation but be quick because my appointments get taken up quickly each week. When you click you’ll be taken to my online diary where you can choose a time that I am free and that is good for you. Click Below now………..



In just 30 minutes you will have an Anxiety Recovery Plan that you can use……… that’s probably more than any doctor or therapist has ever given you isn’t it?

 I look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you for reading and if you’d like to share this I’d be very grateful


P.S. Remember to book your no-cost consultation now so that we can build your Anxiety Recovery Plan


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