Anxiety: A Success Story – From panic attack to business entrepreneur

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A great success story…………..

Today I wanted to share with you a fantastic story from a young lady I worked with and who is now flourishing…………….. in more ways than one. She was in the grips of anxiety and had panic attacks at the thought of simply going outside and walking to the shops! Her anxiety would grab hold of her and she would be completely incapacitated as panic and fear set in.


Her husband tells it better than me………….

Her husband, Ben, posted the below on The Priority Method FaceBook page and his words show the change in his wife in a very short period of time!

Anxiety Success Story

From shut away to business entrepreneur……………

Not only has she taken control back of her life through removing anxiety completely she has used the tools I gave her to conquer her fears of starting her own business and is now flying with it – how truly amazing and inspiring! Messages like this make my work feel so worthwhile, to know that I can help people to have such an impact on their lives is a true blessing and I am grateful for it every day.


An extreme case or not…………….

Being shut away in the house with the curtains drawn all day is an extreme case and yet she was able to completely turn her life around within a couple of months……….. you don’t have to be an extreme case to do the same. You see, the truth is that anxiety is a condition that can be recovered from and this young lady is living proof. Now it’s your turn!


You don’t have to start a business……….

The key part about anxiety recovery is that you can choose how to live your life, anxiety no longer has control of what you do and IF you do it. You don’t have to start a business, YOU get to choose what YOU want to do, how YOU want to do it and when YOU want to do it. That is freedom from anxiety and that is the life of choice that YOU DESERVE!

Make the choice today…………….

Today……….. right now in fact……….. you have the choice to recover from anxiety and be free or stay tied up and locked down by it………… which will it be? You choose right now if you

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Anxiety Recovery: now is the time………………

Now is the time to start on the road to recovery, it’s a shorter road than you think and it leads to your life of freedom and your life of choice!

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