How to become an anxiety detective!

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When do you suffer the most? Do you suffer every day or a couple of times a week or maybe it’s just now and again? What time of day do you suffer the most? Some people suffer more at night while others start feeling anxious when they first wake up ……..


It’s time to become an anxiety detective!

The starting point to feeling better on a daily basis is to find out when anxiety grabs hold of you, when does it start, where are you, what are you doing, what are you thinking about…… this gives us the clues to the patterns that control your anxious feelings.

If you have read any of my other blog posts or seen any of my videos then you will know that anxiety is controlled by subconscious patterns that run through your body, mind and nervous system. The key to feeling better is to find those patterns and break them by introducing new, more positive patterns.


Would you like some help with the detective work?

As part of my work I offer a free 30 minute consultation / coaching session in which we will start the detective work and find out what patterns are creating your anxiety….. what’s more I’ll even give you a couple of simple tools to use to help you feel a bit better every day! PLUS, I’ll answer any questions you have……….. oh and did I mention it’s free and there’s no obligation to go any further than that session if you don’t want to!

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Knowledge is only potential power…………

“Knowledge is Power” has long been used as a key statement but the truth is that knowledge is only powerful if you use it and take action. That is the key to being an anxiety detective, when you have found out the patterns you need to take action to start breaking them down and replacing them.


Here’s one key thing to do……………..

Take a look at you daily routine, even if you only suffer once or twice a week, take a look at your daily routine and start to notice which parts may be involved in your anxious feelings. If you suffer first thing in the morning what is your routine? Do you wake up, start to feel anxious and then lay there in bed for half an hour letting the anxiousness build? – Change it! Wake up, get up and move before the anxiousness starts………… break the pattern!

Do you suffer at night and find it hard to sleep, do you lay there awake for hours? Think about what you do before you go to bed….. do you drink coffee late or eat late? What do you watch on TV? Do you spend time on a phone or tablet? Change it! Drink something different – water, redbush (Rooibos) tea – don’t eat within 2 hours of your bed time, read, go for a run to tire yourself out….. there’s loads you can do.


And when you start it………….

Your routine is key to helping you through anxiety so when you find a routine that works stick with it, keep it the same time after time. There will be a temptation to leave it and go back to old ways – resist that temptation! It takes around 28 days to form a new habit…… keep going!


Let’s get you started………

Book you free appointment with me and let’s get started on helping you to feel better every day, we’ll get some of the detective work done and you’ll get some ideas on how to start the process of feeling better. Book now by clicking the link below……………



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