Some key facts about anxiety

Key facts about anxiety……………..

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I believe that it’s important you know some key facts about anxiety, some of which you may have heard before and some of which you may not. Now, normally I would encourage you to not research your specific type of anxiety as it instils it further in to your nervous system. The information that follows though is general information and not specific to one type of anxiety.

How many people……………………

Did you know that according to recent research there are around 350 million people worldwide suffering from anxiety and anxiety based conditions. In the UK one in six adults suffer and indications are that the number is growing.

The key point to remember here is that you are not alone in your suffering! It’s sometimes easy to think that you are the only person going through these feelings so it’s good to know you’re not.

80% of people who take medication………….

There have been endless studies of anxiety sufferers who are on medication for their condition and despite varying outcomes on many issues there is one that constantly rings true……….. around 80% of people who are on medication never expect the medication to help them get better!!

What an unbelievable fact that is! 80% ………………. 80% of medication takers never expect the meds to help them get better – wow! My belief is that the reason for this is that they have been told by doctors, counsellors and therapists that they will have to deal with anxiety for the rest of their lives and so take medication to “cope”.

Two thirds of adults with anxiety………………

Around two thirds of adults with anxiety never receive any treatment for their condition! My belief is, again, that they have been told or lead to believe that they are just going to have to cope with their condition or that it will take far too long for treatment to have any effect.

The media, social media and the internet are all places where people get told over and over that there is no ‘cure’ for anxiety ……… that you are just going to have to deal with it forever.

Times are changing……………

Times are changing for anxiety sufferers and treatments are improving; over the last few years there has been huge strides in what we now know about anxiety…. and more importantly the treatment of anxiety and anxiety based conditions.

Despite what doctors, counsellors, therapists and psychologists will still tell you, anxiety is absolutely recoverable from and in a quicker time than you think possible. Through The Priority Method the treatment of anxiety has taken another huge step forward!


Did you know……………….

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Now it’s your turn……………

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