How much does anxiety cost you?

Anxiety costs £10 Billion!


What does anxiety do to your finances?…………….

A study from 2013 estimated that the cost of anxiety medication and treatments to the UK alone was in the region of £10 Billion – I’m not sure I could even imagine that sort of money! The same study showed that sleep disorders (which are often anxiety related) cost the UK £4 Billion while depression and mood based disorders cost the UK £16 Billion per year.

That’s a grand total of £30 Billion per year – wow!!


What does it cost you?……………..

The sorts of figures from above are mind blowing and imagining that sort of money is difficult to do so I started to wonder about the financial impact on you, the anxiety sufferer. How does anxiety affect your finances?

– Does it stop you from earning? Lots of people who suffer with anxiety either can’t get a job, can’t keep a steady job down or have time off ill regularly. What does this cost them? What does it cost you?

– Do you pay for therapy or counselling? The problem with NHS counsellors is that they are generally only allowed to offer you blocks of 6 appointments and then you have to re-apply and wait for weeks or even months on end. Due to this there are plenty of people who turn to private counsellors and therapists and pay for their services. The average therapy session is around £50 to £70 for an hour and when you multiply that up with weekly appointments that’s in the region of £2600 to £3640 per year! Ouch!

– Do you take medication? With the price of a prescription in the UK at £8.40 (Feb 2017) even if you only get it monthly that’s still £100.80 per year and to think that 80% of people on medication believe that they will never recover using that medication!


A no-brainer………………….

Now I’m in the fairly unique position of being able to say that the purchase and use of The Priority Method is a no-brainer because even if you only take the medication cost of £100.80 it is still more expensive than the £97 cost of The Priority Method.

Plus you have the massive advantage that The Priority Method helps you to recover which medication will probably not do!

So whether you are missing out on wages, spending a small fortune on therapy or shelling out for medication it is 100% for certain that The Priority Method is a cheaper and more reliable way of freeing yourself of anxiety and anxiety based conditions forever!


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