The most extreme manifestation of anxiety

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 Today I want to talk about the most extreme physiological manifestation of anxiety……………. Panic Attacks.

When something triggers……………….

When something triggers your anxiety it sets a pattern running in your mind, nervous system and body, this is a completely unconscious pattern that has been built up over time and that – until now – you couldn’t control. As the anxiety builds it can set the adrenaline running through your body which is a completely natural response to fear – if you were facing a life or death situation your natural fear response and rush of adrenaline would be preparing you to either fight or run away (the fight or flight response!)

 The problem is……………………

The problem is that when panic attacks strike they are not at times of life or death situations, they can either creep up on you and build over time or happen in an instance and can be very scary. There are two important things to remember here 1) this is a normal human response to fear (and that’s what anxiety is – fear), it is just that your anxiety happens at inappropriate times, and 2) Panic attacks cannot harm you, they feel very scary – I know, I’ve been there – but they cannot harm you.

 Medication will never……………………..

Medication, counselling, therapy, CBT or even psychotherapy will not help remove panic attacks, they can only help temporarily. You may have even been told that if you suffer from panic attacks that this is ‘extreme’ anxiety and can never be resolved, you just have to live with it and ‘cope’ – what utter rubbish. Medication, therapy, counselling, CBT etc are used only as buffers for your anxiety – they try to calm it down, dull it down and reduce the levels you suffer from.

 Are your panic attacks getting worse?

Are they getting worse or are they coming along more often? This is quite common in people who suffer from panic attacks because they are incredible scary and the fear the is born from them just breeds more fear of having them…… and as we know, anxiety is inappropriate feelings of fear. It’s not surprising, therefore, that you suffer from more panic attacks as the fear grows – and believe me I feel deeply for you, I really do.

 Isn’t it time……………………..

Isn’t it time that you stopped these feelings of completely inappropriate anxiety once and for all? How would it feel to know that you would never have a panic attack again – EVER? The truth is that as we break down the patterns that are causing your anxiety, those very same patterns are causing your panic attacks so we break those down as well. Breaking down the unconscious patterns that run through your mind, body and nervous systems is easier than you could possibly think and it can start almost immediately.

 Here’s the answer………………

The Priority Method provides the answer of how to break down those patterns simply and effectively and it will start working from the moment you start using it. The strategies contained within The Priority Method show you how to systematically break down the unconscious patterns in your mind, body and nervous system that are creating and running your anxiety. Whether you choose the home learning program – that takes about 90 minutes to learn – or my 1-on-1 Coaching program you are GUARANTEED to be anxiety free quickly and easily.

 Why wait?

Traditional therapies and medication can go on for years and studies show that over 80% of people never see a significant improvement in the long term, why would you want to wait years to find out that nothing has improved? The Priority Method will remove your anxiety in just 6 weeks when you follow the program fully…………….. and that is guaranteed with a full money back offer if your are not satisfied. So whether you download the home learning program and follow it to the letter or you opt to go through the 1-on-1 Coaching program you can be assured that within 6 weeks you will be totally anxiety free – and usually the improvements start to happen straight away!


It’s time to make the choice, you can………………..

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