Some sunshine through the clouds of Anxiety

How do you describe your anxiety when it’s at full speed?

As I talk to my clients I hear so many different ways in which they describe their anxiety. Some say it’s “pure panic” while other say “it’s like my mind is running at 100 miles an hour”, some say their “heart pounds like a jack hammer” and I even had one gentleman describe it as being like having a constant electric shock to the mind!!

I used to………………………………………..

When I was having a full on anxiety attack I would describe it as my mind clouding over until I couldn’t think straight about anything. All I wanted back then was some ‘sunshine through the clouds’

I used that saying a lot to myself………… “I just want some sunshine through the clouds” and when it didn’t come I would just feel even worse, it was like a never ending nightmare (another description from a previous but now recovered client of mine)


When the sunshine comes…………….

Whether you want the sunshine to break through the clouds, the panic to turn to calm, to slow your mind down to walking pace, your heart to beat normally, the nightmare to end or any other descriptor you may use it is worth remembering that the answer is out there.


To use my metaphor…………..

To carry on using my metaphor……. I learned that when I did see a crack in the clouds I would focus on the sunlight streaming through rather than the clouds that surround it. I learned that the more I focused on the sunlight than the clouds the more the sunlight would pour through and the clouds would clear but it took so long for me to realise that.


It took a long time to realise…………

It took a long time for me to realise that it doesn’t have to take a long time! When I found the answers to how to fully recover and applied them to myself I was shocked at just how quickly things changed. To start with I wondered if it was all too good to be true and that things would go backwards but they never did! The reason they never did is that I put clear breaks in the pattern that caused my anxiety and when that pattern was broken it could never be put back together again.


It is too good to not be true…………… (read that bit again slowly!!)

“It’s too good to be true” is a saying that we as human beings have used for a very long time but I like to change it when it comes to The Priority Method and say that “it’s too good NOT to be true”. You see every so often something comes along that you just have to grab with both hands because it is too good not to be true and The Priority Method is that thing for sufferers of anxiety and anxiety based conditions.


It is too good not to be true………. (yes I know I repeated myself!)

  • A method that is easily learned within 90 minutes
  • A method that is used easily every day and helps you to start feeling better from the moment you start using it
  • A long list of tools, strategies and techniques to ensure your recovery
  • A full manual explaining The Priority Method, why it works and how it works
  • A full audio program to back up the manual and help you to understand everything
  • A full 3 months of support direct from me included within the price
  • A full 3 months money back, no questions asked and no quibble guarantee (not that you’ll need it because by the time 3 months is up you’ll be fully recovered and enjoying your life!!)

That really is too good NOT to be true isn’t it!!


Take your turn………………..

Now is the time to take your turn and recover from anxiety, break the patterns that are running your nervous system, body and mind and take back control. How will it feel when you take back control, have freedom from those anxious feelings and have a life of choice?


The Priority Method is the only way forwards, click the link now to get instant access and start feeling better today.


See you there


P.S. Get Instant Access NOW

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Graham Nicholls is a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns who helps his clients to make their lives better.
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