The Three Words Controlling Your Anxiety

As I sat preparing for a coaching session with a client some time ago I discovered something while reading their notes, something hit me that might just help you. After the session I racked my brains, going over previous clients trying to confirm my initial thoughts……… and finally I agreed with myself! I now use this with ALL of my clients because it is so powerful, how could you use it?

In all cases………….

In all cases of anxiety and stress (and often in cases of depression) there are 3 words that are key to those feelings and that feed those emotions and when we create solutions to those 3 words we create strategies to overcome the emotions of stress and anxiety……….. those 3 words are:

Loss, Less, Never – Let’s look at those individually……………………..


Do you fear a loss of something important to you? Loss of a job/career/business, loss of identity, loss of a relationship, loss of love?

When we focus on a fear of losing something we can easily get overwhelmed by that fear and focus on it. By focusing on something we make it 10 (or even 100) times more likely to occur and as it gets closer our anxiety grows and overtakes us, does this sound familiar?

What are you fearing the loss of? Recognising it is the first point to changing it!


How about fearing having less of something? Do you think about having less……. Money? Time? Love? Structure? Organisation? Identity? Significance? Certainty/Security?

Much as before, when we focus on something we are more likely to bring it in to reality and this just creates more anxiety…………. Is there a pattern forming here?

What do you fear having less of?


What about feeling like we will never have something we want? Do you think about never having……….. the relationship/marriage you want? Children? Money? Time? House? Being the person you think you should be?

What do you fear never having?


The Priority Method


Which one of these 3 is causing you anxiety? Or is it more than 1 of them?

There is a strategy for getting out of the fear that causes anxiety that sounds surprisingly easy and yet so many people don’t know or use it effectively. I use this regularly with my clients to start the process to ridding themselves of anxiety for good…………………

  • Put yourself in alignment – when you are anxious or stressed your brain and heart waves are out of alignment….. learn how to do this with The Priority Method
  • Identify the fear – is it of loss, less or never?
  • Ask better questions – when we are stressed and anxious we ask ourselves poor questions (why does this always happen to me? Why do I always feel stressed or anxious?), when we ask better questions of ourselves we get better answers (what do I need to do to start resolving this? What actions can I take right now to feel better?).
  • Take action – Without doubt the biggest thing to do to make yourself feel better and start to pull yourself out of anxiety and stress (and depression for that matter) is to take action! Find out what it will take to ensure that you don’t lose something, so you don’t have less of something or so that you can have what you want and then take action on it.

This is just the start of The Priority Method……………. With this powerful, guaranteed method you will learn how to completely remove anxiety and other related conditions from your life – FOREVER.It sounds really simple for me to sit here and type away, telling you that you can remove anxiety from your life, easily, almost effortlessly and quickly (within 6 weeks!). The problem is that you have no proof………….

There’s only one way…………….

Isn’t it time that you gave yourself the gift of freedom from anxiety?

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 Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of happiness?

The only way to know if it’s that easy and to see if it works is to do it, get involved with NO RISK to you whatsoever……….. and to help you with that I’m offering you a full 12 months money back guarantee so that there is no monetary risk to you at all.

I could send you loads of recommendations from previous clients, just like other sites do, but how do you know they are real? How do you know if it will work for you even if I tell you it works for everyone?

It’s easier than you could ever imagine………..


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Graham Nicholls is a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns who helps his clients to make their lives better.
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