The Undoubted Power of Seeking Help

When we are ill we seek help from a doctor, if we get tooth ache we will probably visit a dentist (unless you have a dentist phobia – but more about that another time!) and if we have a bad back we might seek help from a chiropractor or physio. Seeking help from a professional is so powerful to our lives because we give a clear message that we want that particular situation to improve and get better.

Isn’t it time then that you feel free to seek help from a professional that can help you to create a breakthrough in your life, resolve issues, find out what’s holding you back and help you to make your life better? Isn’t it time that we felt free to seek help from a Professional Coach!


Creating Breakthroughs ~ Resolving Issues ~ Making Lives Better

Allow me to offer you…………..

Allow me to offer you a Free 30 Minute Breakthrough Telephone Coaching Session – In just 30 minutes on the phone we can find out where you are now, where you want to be and what is currently holding you back – PLUS – I’ll help you design a crystal clear, step-by-step process to help you get there. Click the button below to schedule your FREE Session now!




Imagine now………………..

Imagine now having someone that is completely present with you, 100% on your side, willing to listen and understand you and your world. Someone who is your greatest advocate, who will support you in every way, encourages you and challenges you. Imagine having someone who is that engaged with you and your world and has the strategies to offer you so that you can improve your world to truly have the life and relationships that you want. Most people have never had someone like that in their lives, have you?


As a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns I offer coaching across all different aspects of life and I have a unique set of knowledge, skills and experience that can help you to get to where you want to be – quickly.

The Power of seeking help

The power of seeking help from a professional coach is that I specialise in knowing what will help you right now. Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Do you want to achieve certain goals? Maybe you want to break free of the chains of Depression and Anxiety? Or perhaps you want to have a better relationship with your spouse? GET A COACH!

Unlike a therapist

Unlike a therapist or counsellor a coach will not focus on your past, but how and where you are right now and your future. As a coach I can help you break through any barriers that are holding you back from the life you want and deserve. Simply put, I know I can help!

Coaching usually begins by………………..

Coaching usually begins by learning all about you – your desired results as well as your highest priorities and closest relationships. By truly understanding your world, I will be an effective advocate for the results, relationships, and life that you desire and deserve. You will find that the system of coaching I use is a very customised experience, customised specifically to you. You will be heard, understood, and supported, and you’ll be presented with a unique perspective and a series of easy to use strategies to improve your life. You will gain a greater ability and clarity to see the “big picture” of your life, find and improve key relationships, take daily actions that increase your happiness, and stop the patterns of fear and resistance that hold you back from living a full, joy filled life.


When is NOW a good time…………….

When is now a good time to get started and seek help from a professional?

What is the critical issue that is holding your life back right now?

What will happen if you don’t resolve that critical issue?

When is now a good time to get it resolved?


Book your Free appointment

Allow me to offer you a Free 30 Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session so that you can start feeling better day-by-day………….. it’s time to seek help, it’s time!


I look forward to speaking to you soon and I look forward to helping you to make your life better!

Creating Breakthroughs ~ Resolving Issues ~ Making Lives Better

Until we speak, you have me best regards,


Depression & Anxiety Peterborough

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Graham Nicholls is a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns who helps his clients to make their lives better.
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