About Me

Hi there friends, I’m Graham Nicholls………. married to my wife Paula, born and raised in Peterborough in the UK and passionate about helping people, just like you, to change and improve their lives, to find their authentic core self and to living a life on their terms.

Graham Nicholls - Strategic Coaching & Training

A bit about me……. many years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and stress all at the same time. I was given a prescription for medication to help with these conditions and yet somewhere inside I knew that I would be doing the wrong thing to take them.

I started on a journey to find another answer and that journey lead me to Coaching and more specifically Strategic Coaching – the next level of Coaching, a new standard for human change and improvement.

Helping and teaching others to improve and create a life on their terms makes my life make sense. The approach I take is based on sound foundational principles, truth, honesty, integrity, experience and years spent in the ‘university of life’

I’ve been called a coach, a mentor and trainer, whatever the title my goals remain the same…… to help and teach those who want to improve and maximise their lives… to live your life on your terms!

In the past I’ve coached Managing Directors, CEO’s and Professional Athletes as well as Managers, Leaders and Students and with each person I coach I continue to learn and grow alongside them.

The rest of the story is still to be written……………….

Whatever your situation, wherever you currently are in your life, if you want to make a change, if you want to move forwards, discover your authentic inner core and create a life on your terms then it’s time to get in touch!

Head to the ‘Strategic Coaching’ page to find out more or go to the ‘Contact Me’ page and fill in the form – I read all messages and aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you soon!