Strategic Coaching

Strategic Life Coaching – A New Standard for Human Change & Development

Since being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and stress many years ago I have been on a life long journey to find out the answer to three key questions……

1 – What is stopping you from having the life you want?

2 – What is shaping and controlling your choices and emotions and therefore your life?

3 – Why do we, as human beings, do the things we do?

This journey has taken me to countless trainings, seminars, books and audio programs and with each step I have considered and developed a full system for helping both myself and others to seek their true, authentic core and then move towards living that way….

Your Life On Your Terms!

I specialise in the following areas of Coaching:

– Personal Breakthrough Coaching

– Core Identity Coaching

– Strategic Intervention Coaching

– Career Coaching

– Relationship Breakthrough Coaching

– Anxiety & Depression Breakthrough Coaching

Click on the link below to book a free 30 minute Personal Breakthrough Session or for more information go to the ‘Contact’ page and fill in the form – I read all messages that come through and aim to reply within 48 hours.