Breakthrough – The Ultimate Journey

Breakthrough – The Ultimate Journey

In just under two hours the someone’s life was changed; her limiting beliefs were broken down and replaced with empowering ones, she discovered her role and purpose in this world, and she was challenged to start making it happen.

Uncovering your authenticity and purpose in the world while removing limiting beliefs and rules – surely this is the ultimate journey! (all in under two hours!)

“Who you decide to be today will determine your tomorrow” Jeffrey Benjamin.

The truth is that breakthroughs happen when you are open to discovering who you are at your core and then challenging the stories that you have told yourself over time. Breakthroughs occur when we follow the three ‘S’ rule of Strategy, Story and State – I recently wrote an article on this, and you can find it by clicking the link below:

Creating Positive Change In Your Life

The most significant journey you will go on in your life will be the one that leads you to discover you – the real you, the authentic you. As human beings, we are created to follow our path, to be who we were meant to be and yet so many of us don’t know that simple fact – who were you meant to be?

Not following our inner core, our authenticity leads to more angst and anguish than most other things in life. When we know, we are drawn to something different, when our heart tells us that there is a better path and yet we ignore it or try to push it away discontent sets into our lives.

It is, most commonly, that we lead our lives for someone else and that we attempt to be who they want us to be that we pull away from who we are designed to be. However, there is one truth that is undeniable – this is our life and not that of somebody else! The highest level of fulfilment in life comes from living our life on our terms and the most significant breakthrough in life is discovering that very fact and acting upon it.

Who are you willing to become? You or some other version of you that someone else decides on and therefore controls?

“We are constantly invited to be who we are” Henry David Thoreau.

Stop trading your authenticity for approval; it’s time you became you! Discovering your authentic self is the ultimate journey, taking action and moving towards that genuine person becomes a joyful experience.

Breakthrough to You – The Ultimate Journey!

Now that you are ready to breakthrough to the real you, to your authentic self please get in touch and we can discuss and book your breakthrough session – email me at

If, however, you are ready to help others discover their authentic inner core self then my course – “Strategic Life Coach Certification – Inner Core / Highest Intent” – will give you the tools and strategies to do just that! Click on the picture below to find out more and sign up today.

Strategic Life Coach Certification

I look forward to either hearing from you soon or seeing you in the course.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I’m truly grateful.

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