It’s a Gratitude time of year

It’s a gratitude time of year – As we approach the end of each year it is the ideal time to discover what you can be grateful for in the past year so that the New Year can be approached in the right manner – without fear!

When we focus on gratitude we remove fear, anxiety and stress from our lives and we can approach what we want to achieve in the following year with a greater freedom of mind. If you could, what would you be grateful for in the past 12 months?

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” – Melody Beattie.

The power of gratitude is so strong that it removes and conquers the fear within us – this is, in fact, a scientific fact! That’s right, it has been scientifically proven that the human body and nervous system cannot feel gratitude and fear at the same time, imagine setting your goals, targets and intentions for the next year without fear to stop you.

New Years Resolutions or Intentions?

After doing a little research recently I’ve discovered that breaking New Years Resolutions has become a worldwide tradition! In the UK it is often a subject of humour of how quickly people break their New Years Resolutions. If I may suggest, don’t set resolutions….. set your intentions for 2018 and do it from a state of gratitude having discovered what you are grateful for from 2017.

Honesty in Gratitude…….

I have to be honest and say it has been a tough year, one of my best friends passed away suddenly in the middle of the year which really blew me away. Just a couple of days after his funeral we discovered that our dog had cancer! He survived for 6 weeks but eventually, the disease took it’s toll and then took his life. Without a doubt, this was one of the hardest times of my life.

The only thing that got me through both of these events (besides my wonderful wife!) was focussing on the gratitude I had for the time spent with both of them. I have some amazing memories of times with both of them and I will cherish those forever.

Other areas of Gratitude……

I consider myself fortunate that I can always find areas of my life to be grateful for and despite everything that has happened in 2017 there are still things to be grateful for. One of the biggest things to have come into my life in 2017 is the discovery of the Udemy website, a website committed to online learning through the medium of video-based courses.

Firstly I used this website to expand my own knowledge and grow as a person, now I have discovered that there is a massive opportunity to expand my reach as a coach. In September I started to record my own video-based training programmes and upload them to the Udemy site and I’m proud to say that I now have 4 courses fully approved and available.

If you’d like to expand your knowledge in 2018 I’d like to offer you the opportunity to do so for a limited time offer of each course for only £10……. click on the links below to take advantage.

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backwards into safety” – Abraham Maslow

Strategic Life Coaching Certification – Beginner to Professional

Strategic Life Coaching Certification

Strategic Life Coach Certification – Inner Core & Highest Intent

Strategic Life Coach Certification

Goal Setting – How to set, prepare and achieve your goals

Strategic Life Coaching

How to completely cure anxiety forever – without medication

Strategic Life Coaching

As a closing thought, I would like to encourage you to take half an hour and consider what you are grateful for from 2017, list them down and then while you are in that place of gratitude start considering what you want to achieve in 2018.

My very best wishes for 2018


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Graham Nicholls is a Professional Coach, Author and Expert in Human Behavioural Patterns who helps his clients to make their lives better.
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