Can Imagery Improve Performance?

Can Imagery Improve Performance?

How do you define the difference, in one word, between someone who takes action and succeeds and someone who procrastinates? You could use scared, fearful, unsure or uncommitted. The word I would choose is……


When we have certainty that we can achieve something and that we will get the results we desire then nothing will stop us taking action. With certainty, we develop drive, hunger and motivation and we will push ourselves even when the going gets tough.

However, if we are uncertain, if we lack certainty the effort will be minimal to non-existent – we probably won’t even get off the starting blocks. Without a sense of being certain of success, we have already set ourselves up to fail.

How does imagery play a role in certainty?

Of course, the above is going to the extreme as most of the world finds itself in the ‘red zone’ or the ‘danger zone’ of maybe. Maybe it will work but maybe it won’t, maybe I’ll succeed or maybe I’ll fail – this leads to the world of half-heartedness. When we live in the world of maybe we start but never finish, we try without ever putting our entire heart and soul into it.

“The key is to create absolute certainty – to fill yourself with the belief that you will accomplish what you set out to, no matter what is happening in the external world.” – Tony Robbins.

As Tony Robbins rightly notes, the key is to fill yourself with an absolute certainty of belief in what you are doing. The great boxer Muhammed Ali had massive certainty about every fight that he went into, why? Because he pictured every fight, round by round and gave himself the certainty and belief that he would win.

The current MMA fighter, Conor Mcgregor was recently quoted in an interview as saying “when I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen” and when pushed on how he knew this he replied “because I’ve pictured it in my head long before it’s happened”

Did both these men have certainty? Indeed they did and that certainty came from the imagery created within themselves first. How does this help you? Imagine having in your head the picture of you succeeding at whatever you want, having that detailed certainty of what success looks like, sounds like and feels like. Is there any chance of you not taking massive action and getting to where you want to be? No!!

We all have limiting beliefs

Every human being on this planet has limiting beliefs, a sense of doubt that can hold us back and stop us in our tracks. It is those people that picture and imagine success so vividly, that create the highest level of certainty who break through limiting beliefs and doubt and take the actions anyway.

Create your own vision of success, see everything around you with great clarity and colour, hear every sound and voice as if you were there right now. Let the feelings of success course through your body, mind and nervous system and really understand what it feels like to have what you want.

Imagery is not just about the mind, to have certainty it must be a whole body experience that creates drive and enthusiasm that simply will not be beaten. Practice this imagery time after time and the time after time again, train your mind, body and nervous system to have certainty in success. If you do this will you have absolute certainty in what you are going to achieve?

Yes, you will!

“The use of mental imagery is one of the strongest and most effective strategies for making something happen to you” – Dr Wayne Dyer.

A good coach will not only help you to discover your passions, detail the goals you want to achieve and uncover how you want to live your life – a good coach will also help you to visualise and use the imagery to create a state of certainty within you so that you know you’ll succeed. By finding and employing the services of a Strategic Life Coach you fast forward your route to success.

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