The Life Goal that Binds Us

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Everyone seems to be chasing something these days, whether it be fame and fortune, the perfect career, the ideal family or finding a way to sit on their backsides and do nothing. My question is this…. are they all just distractions from a life goal that is ultimately unachievable?

Many will have us believe

Many experts and so-called ‘gurus’ would have us believe that our ultimate goal in life is to become who we were born to be, to become the ultimate version of ourselves. They would have us believe that we can only consider ourselves successful when we have achieved that goal, when we have reached the peak of our own experience.

Yet, of course, the world around is built to distract us from that with media, social media, advertising and marketing designed to make us believe in instant gratification. The “I must get what I want, how I want it and when I want it” belief is so prevalent in our society today (ask any teenager!) that society in itself seems to have moved away from working towards being it’s best self.

It’s the end goal that stops us

The reason people are so easily distracted is that ‘end goal’ of being the best version of ourselves simply isn’t attainable and should never be put forward as such. We, as human beings, are constantly evolving and constantly growing into something new and that journey into the new and unknown is the joy of life.

In his book, On Becoming a Person, Carl Rogers states that “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination” and this spells it out perfectly. There is no end goal, life is a journey of discovery and that discovery should be a new and improved version of ourselves every day.

“Life’s a journey, not a destination”

“How high can you fly with broken wings – Life’s a journey, not a destination, I don’t know just what tomorrow brings”from the Aerosmith song Amazing.

When we realise that there is no ultimate destination in life, that all we are designed to be is a better version of ourselves each day then we give ourselves wings and allow ourselves to soar to amazing heights. Yet, when we look for that ultimate goal that is ultimately unachievable, we break our wings and confine ourselves to looking for distractions and instant gratification to make ourselves feel better – in the short term at least!

So I encourage you

So I encourage you, right here and right now to stop searching for that ultimate goal. Stop looking for that ultimate version of you as that version is here today, you are exactly where you are meant to be in life! Work today at being a better version, a new ultimate version of you tomorrow for that is the only person you should ever compare yourself to – the you of yesterday.

What if your ultimate goal in life was simply to be a better version of yourself each day, to grow a little each day and to enjoy the process of development? That, right there, is an achievable goal and something we can all attain.

Be the best version of you today and grow into the best version fo you tomorrow!

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