When truth kills truth


Have you held something to be true for many years only to have that truth shattered in a heartbeat? Have you ever heard anyone speak about their beliefs and considered that you believe something different? How many times does truth kill truth?

In our constantly evolving world the truths that we hold close often get challenged and replaced by other facts as time goes on and discoveries come along. For many years people believed the world was flat and that if you sailed far enough, you would fall off the end. In athletics, it was long held as a truth that running a mile in under four minutes was impossible and yet Roger Bannister proved that truth incorrect.

Even science is currently evolving, isn’t it? Breakthroughs are occurring all the time and what was once the truth is replaced by yet another truth. Take the work of Dr Candace Pert in the 1970’s as an example; she was the first person to unequivocally prove the link between mind and body in us human beings. Until that point, the medical profession had believed that there was no link and each part was separate to the other.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple” – Oscar Wilde.

The only way that humanity can keep evolving, learning and growing is to keep challenging the beliefs we hold and let new truths kill off the old. Whether this is in science, medical circles, business & finance or within ourselves as human beings, it is critical that we continue to challenge.

Within ourselves, we set up beliefs, truths that either work for us or against us and yet these we can only set up from our references and perspectives. We believe that which we have experienced and integrate that into our lives, for the most part, without conscious thought. It is only with conscious thinking that we can honestly see something as true or untrue; it is when we increase our experiences and therefore our references that we make more informed decisions.

Looking at truth and beliefs from other angles gives us different perspectives and can reshape our thoughts. Undoubtedly, as conscious beings, we should always seek to understand truth from every perspective possible and only then can we create the conscious beliefs of what is true.

What truth can you challenge within yourself today? What beliefs, that currently hold you back, can you gain different perspectives on and change so that you can move forward?

“Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of morality” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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“If you want to expand your life, expand your references” – Tony Robbins.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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