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Strategic Life Coaching Strategic Life Coaching

Graham Nicholls Strategic Coaching – Services

All Coaching Sessions can be held via telephone, Video-Call or in person – depending on location.

2 Hour Breakthrough Coaching Session

Discover yourself and who you are at your core, Uncover what stops you and holds you back from living life on your terms and find the way forward. All within a 2-hour session that will free your life.

£147 for 2-Hour Session


Strategic Life Coaching per Hour Session

Deep dive into your life and uncover who and what you want to be, discover your passion, set effective and authentic goals, remove limiting beliefs and find the exact actions you need to take to get to where you want to be.

£77 per Session or 3 Sessions for £197


Anxiety / Depression / Stress Breakthrough – Recovery

Discover what controls your anxiety, depression or stress and the tools and strategies that will help you start feeling a little better every day. Break free of the chains and release yourself to live your life.

6 x 60-90 Minutes Sessions – £397


Relationship Breakthrough

Is your relationship on the edge of a breakdown? Do you want to bring it back to life and fight for the love you both share? An initial 2-Hour Breakthrough Session followed by 2 One Hour Sessions to bring your relationship back from the edge.

Total Program Cost – £297


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